AbdomenA complex abdominal wall reconstruction surgery involves rearranging the tissues in the abdomen to redistribute abdominal muscles. This procedure may be right for you if you have experienced recurring hernias that are causing abdominal weaknesses or if you have an abdominal wound that is not otherwise healing.

If you have tried to deal with hernias or an abdominal wound by undergoing common abdominal surgeries but have had no success, it is time to look into a complex abdominal wall reconstruction. By redistributing the abdominal muscles, the abdomen is reinforced; patients report feeling as though they are wearing a girdle and have “everything tucked in.”

During a normal abdominal surgery, the muscles are either just patched together, or a synthetic mesh is used to seal up any opening there might be. This is oftentimes all that is required and a full recovery is possible. However, a complex abdominal wall reconstruction surgery is the next step if an initial surgery doesn’t work. During this surgery, surgeons are able to separate the different layers of the abdominal wall and spread them out across each other. This way, abdominal tissue is spread out over the entire abdomen, increasing the likelihood of successful abdominal reconstruction and preventing return of the hernia.

You will be given anesthesia while the doctors perform the surgery. Afterward, you will need to remain in the hospital for at least five days or until your bowels are functioning normally. It is important to talk to your doctor to learn how to let your body properly heal in the weeks following your surgery.

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