browliftAn endoscopic brow lift is a procedure to restore a youthful appearance to your face in the brow region, through the use of an endoscopic camera. A brow lift can minimize creases in the forehead, bridge of the nose, and surrounding the eyes, as well as reposition the eyebrows or sagging brows above the eyelids.

If you are thinking of undergoing a brow lift, talk to your surgeon about if the procedure is right for you. Your surgeon will ask you exactly what your expectations are for the procedure and if those expectations are realistic. Keep in mind that a brow lift cannot stop the normal aging process from occurring.

An endoscopic brow lift is different than a traditional brow lift in a couple ways. A traditional brow lift involves making one long incision at the hairline; an endoscopic brow lift makes between three and five one-inch incisions. Another major difference is that an endoscopic surgery requires the use of an endoscope, which is a tiny camera on the end of a thin probe that is wired to a small screen whereby the surgeon can view what the camera sees. The endoscope is inserted through one of the small incisions, and a different instrument used to alter underlying muscle and tissue is inserted through a separate incision. During this time, the eyebrows may also be repositioned and are secured with internal tissue sutures.

You will be given anesthesia prior to your surgery for your comfort. Your procedure should not last longer than a few hours. The incisions will be closed with clips or stitches and your head will be wrapped in compression gauze. In the days and weeks following, you may experience numbness or swelling near the incision site, which should go away after a couple weeks. Allow yourself adequate time to heal fully before resuming normal physical activity.

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