Whether you are reconstructing a part of the body that is lost or cannot heal naturally, or salvaging a limb so it does not have to be amputated, the surgical options available have the potential to be life-changing upon completion.

Lower extremity reconstruction involves the thigh, leg, and foot. Reconstruction may be necessary for several different reasons, including injury, removal of cancer, wounds, or many others. Limb salvage typically involves moving tissues from other parts of the body to cover large defects caused by extensive cancer removals or large chronic wounds that would otherwise require an amputation.

There are multiple ways that both procedures take place, depending on the severity of the issue. Lower extremity reconstruction focuses first on restoring normal blood circulation and critical structures such as vessels and nerves to the affected area, and may be as simple as a small surgery and antibiotics. If that is not sufficient, skin grafts or muscle or tissue flaps from surrounding skin may be necessary. During a limb salvage procedure, the cancerous area and approximately an inch of healthy tissue surrounding the affected area are removed. If bone is removed, it is replaced with synthetic material or bone from other parts of the body.

Both procedures require various types of surgeons to work with plastic surgeons to determine the best course of action. Visit your doctor to discuss your personal situation and what the best course of action may be.

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