Thigh LiftA thigh lift is a procedure in which excess skin and fat are removed from the thighs, which results in smoother and more well-proportioned thighs and an improved contour of the lower body overall.

A thigh lift is not merely a procedure to reduce fat. If that is your goal, then liposuction is the procedure for you. A thigh lift is for those who have sagging or excess skin despite exercise, possibly due to aging, post-pregnancy, or significant weight loss.

When you first talk to your surgeon, be sure to be candid about what your expectations are for this surgery. Your surgeon will be able to tell you if these expectations are realistic or not, as well as the different options available for the surgery. At this time you will also discuss your complete medical history as well as any major upcoming life decisions, such as weight loss or pregnancy.

On the day of the surgery, you will be given anesthesia for your comfort. The type of incision that is made is dependent upon the area that is being treated as well as the degree of the correction. There are two general types of thigh lifts: a medial thigh lift and an outer thigh lift. A medial thigh lift involves an incision in the groin that extends down and wraps around the back of the thigh. This incision may need to be extended vertically down the medial thigh if you have significant excess skin in the lower thigh area. Underlying tissue is tightened and reshaped, followed by removing excess skin and redraping the remaining skin to fit your new body contour. An outer thigh lift requires an incision from the groin around the hip, but the rest of the procedure—tissue tightening, skin reshaping—is the same.

Following the surgery, compression bandages may be wrapped around your thighs to help with swelling and to reshape the skin. Small tubes may also be placed at the location of your incisions to help with fluid draining. It is vital that you allow your body time to heal fully before you engage in any strenuous physical activity. You may have swelling or bruising, which will go down with time. Even if the results are immediately visible, give your body at least four weeks to rest and recover before resuming normal activity.

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