Tummy Tuck2An abdominoplasty, commonly called a tummy tuck, is a procedure to remove excess abdominal fat and skin as well as tighten loose abdominal muscles as a result of pregnancy, aging, or significant weight loss.

It is important during your first consultation with your surgeon that you describe exactly the results you are looking for by having a tummy tuck done. Your surgeon will be able to tell you whether your expectations are reasonable or not. Any major upcoming life decisions, such as weight loss or pregnancy, should also be discussed.

The actual tummy tuck procedure is very simple. A horizontal incision within or slightly above the pubic area is made. The surgeon will attempt to place the incision where it will not be seen, such as where undergarments or a bathing suit is worn, but that is not always possible. Another incision around the navel is made , but the position of the navel will not change. Skin that has stretch marks can be removed. If there is remaining skin that still has stretch marks, it can be flattened; however, it generally does not eliminate the stretch marks entirely. Tightening loose abdominal muscles to further flatten the abdominal area is also performed as part of the tummy tuck procedure.

Prior to your procedure, you will be given anesthesia for your comfort. The surgery should not last any longer than three hours. Your abdomen will be wrapped in gauze after the surgery, and it’s possible that tubes will be placed in the incisions to help with the draining of any excess fluids. You will not be required to stay overnight.

Your body will need several weeks to heal fully from this procedure. Immediately following the surgery, you will be sore, swollen, and possibly bruised. This is normal and will go down within a couple weeks. You are encouraged to walk around for brief periods to encourage blood circulation, but you should strictly avoid any intense physical activity. One to two weeks after your surgery you will have your stitches removed, but it may be several weeks before you see the complete results of your tummy tuck.

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